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Sava Makina we continue our production with years of experience and know-how. With 100% Domestic and Turkish Capital, we are getting bigger with you day by day. Our mission is to be number one in the field of production in our country and to represent our country in our sector. The quality of our products is the most important factor for us. The employees of our quality control department test the products we produce many times. Approved products appear before our customers.

Sava Makina Sanayi ve Makine Although we think that we represent our country in the best way in the sector, we are aware that we need to achieve more advanced and better works every day. As Sava Makine, the satisfaction of our customers is always the most important factor for us. In this direction, we are in constant one-to-one communication with our customers and stand by them in their slightest need. The problems of each of our customers are also our problems as Sava Makine. We continue to serve in these principles since our establishment.






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